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Cornelia Kerber, September 2011

I am a part of life as a part of me.
Neither dream nor reality, perhaps humanist.
Optimistic Realist of the present lives, the past lived and want to live the future.
I am what  I am, because I  can only be just am who I am.
In addition to the dialectic seeking the conversation  for stopping the thirst for knowledge and experience, insights and feelings.

Love the writing and the expressive power of words strung together with the sense of content, but feel powerless finest nuances and facets of the meaningless void.
I am neither a journalist or author, just hack and a tool of the language.
Refreshment and enjoying the music as it delivered the notes of a melody.
Friends of the Fine Arts but dilettante the diversity of expression.
Homage to the grace of the sense of sensuality.
I am everything – and I am nothing.